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Reference to www.trucksearch.co.za. Custom Auto Publishing (Pty) Ltd trading as the above. Custom Auto Publishing (Pty) Ltd is a Public Company registered in South Africa.

1. Written / Electronic communication

 1.1. Your use of the Custom Auto Publishing (Pty) Ltd.’s website constitutes an agreement on your part to enter into electronic
        communication with us.
1.2. As such, you accept any risks that may arise from this electronic communication.
1.3. In so far as written communication between us for the purpose of this website is concerned, this electronic communication
       serves the purpose of written communication.

2. Alterations and amendments

2.1. Custom Auto Publishing (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to alter and amend the contents of this website and apps as an how it
       deems necessary. These amendments and alterations include the terms and conditions.

2.2. Alterations and amendments may include changes to delivery time, pricing and the website and or apps format.
2.3. Please revisit the terms and conditions, as well as our web content regularly in order to keep up to speed with any changes
       that have been made to this site or.our apps.
2.4. All current alterations and amendments apply, and Custom Auto Publishing (Pty) Ltd will not be held to any previous terms,
       condition or content prior to alteration.
2.5. Please note that the content for each advertisement has been provided by the respective advertiser. Custom Auto Publishing
       (Pty) Ltd - as the publisher of website and apps listed above – functions as an advertising platform, and as such only
       presents the advertorial content contained in each listing published for the benefit and use of the reader. As such (and
       with reference to the Consumer Protection Act No. 68 of 2008), Custom Auto Publishing (Pty) Ltd
       t/a www.trucksearch.co.za, accepts no liability for any losses or prejudice resulting from the consequence of advertisements
       (or representation of these advertisements) in its apps or website.

3. Contracts

3.1. Custom Auto Publishing (Pty) Ltd does not acknowledge, nor will be bound by any allegations that a legally binding contract
       (or arrangement) has been entered into between yourself and Custom Auto Publishing (Pty) Ltd, following communication
       entered into on this website or on its apps.
3.2. Custom Auto Publishing (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to enforce written agreements and contracts, as and when we deem
3.3. Following the above, information contained from this website or our apps cannot be regarded as an offer, resulting in a legally
       binding contract.

4. Security

4.1. Custom Auto Publishing (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to institute criminal proceedings against any user who attempts to abuse
       this website by obtaining unauthorized access to any pages on this website or apps, or by delivering (or attempt to deliver) any
       unauthorized or harmful code to this website or apps. 

5. Limited liability

5.1. Custom Auto Publishing (Pty) Ltd absolves itself from any direct or indirect loss, damage or convenience caused to an
       advertiser with, or user of this website or our apps, caused by the failure of Custom Auto Publishing (Pty) Ltd employees,
       agents, representatives or contractors to fulfil their obligations in terms of the site or apps. Or further, as a consequence of any
       errors in or omissions from any advertisements.
5.2. Custom Auto Publishing (Pty) Ltd is herewith indemnified against any such loss, damage or inconvenience caused for the
       advertiser and / or any of its employees, agents or any third parties to whom this may apply.

6. Law

6.1. Please note that any legal issue or litigation, arising directly or indirectly from this website, are subject to the laws of the
       Republic of South Africa.

7. Website use

7.1. Use of this website or our apps pre-supposes a binding agreement between the user / advertiser and Custom  Auto Publishing
       (Pty) Ltd, by the terms and conditions presented above.

8. Links to third party sites and services

8.1. Custom Auto Publishing (Pty) Ltd website, apps and online services contain links to other websites and we do not control
       these linked sites. Custom Auto Publishing (Pty) Ltd is also not responsible for the content of these linked sites.
8.2. Custom Auto Publishing (Pty) Ltd is not responsible for any transmission or communication from these linked.
8.3. Custom Auto Publishing (Pty) Ltd provides links to these sites as a convenience and the inclusion of links does not endorse
       the site or any association between the owners /operators of these sites.
8.4. Custom Auto Publishing (Pty) Ltd will not be responsible or liable for the delivery or payment of goods and services, operating  
       conditions, warrantees or representations associated with linked sites. All these transactions are solely between the user and
       such sites.

9. Conditions for the use of communication services

9.1. Custom Auto Publishing (Pty) Ltd website and apps may have communication channels designed to facilitate communication
       with the public or select groups of individuals. When using these channels, the user herewith agrees to only post, send and
       receive content and communications that are suitable for and related to this communication service.
  • . When using the Custom Auto Publishing (Pty) Ltd website and apps, the user agrees not to:
  • . Advertise the buying and selling of goods, unless authorized or allowed by the communication service
  • . Access content of facilities to which the user does not have authorized access
  • . Upload corrupted files, files that contain viruses or any software programs that may harm Custom Auto Publishing  (Pty) Ltd.’s website, apps or computer
  • . Make us of, or upload any material that does not conform to intellectual property right law, unless written consent has been obtained from the intellectual property right owner to make use of the material.
  • . Create a false identity, or use another individual’s information to access the Custom Auto Publishing (Pty) Ltd.’s communication system, without the company’s permission.
  • . Use Custom Auto Publishing (Pty) Ltd communication system to conduct pyramid schemes, surveys or contests  and forward chain letters and aforementioned surveys.
  • . Collect any information about others without consent.
  • . Violate the legal rights of any other individual by means of slander, abuse, harassment or defamation.
  • . Post, upload or distribute inappropriate, unlawful or indecent material.
  • . Deliberately ignore or violate any laws or regulations that apply to the use of the Custom Auto Publishing (Pty) Ltd  website, apps and communication services.
  • . Change, delete or falsify author attribution of software or any material contained in an uploaded file.
  • Custom Auto Publishing (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to review or remove material posted to the communication service. It further reserves the right to suspend a user’s access to communication services without notice.
  • Custom Auto Publishing (Pty) Ltd further reserves the right to disclose information in compliance with legislation or any request from government. It may further edit, refuse to post or remove material from the website or apps at its own discretion.

    Copyright Custom Auto Publishing (Pty) Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

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